Seven clinical studies


The first implementation of the MIR project amply achieved its overall objectives: to demonstrate, through clinical and artistic practice, the beneficial impact of live music in certain types of patients. A very large percentage of the two professional groups involved —healthcare professionals and musicians— consider that live music is extremely positive for patients, and they would normally use it in practice to complement their work. From the psychosocial standpoint, the benefits of the MIR Project for the well-being of patients, family members and professionals have been demonstrated, positively impacting the mental health of all the groups involved.

The data presented in the different scientific studies reveal the clear need to continue investigating in order to produce conclusive results., since the data obtained do not entirely confirm this benefit. However, having been able to carry out the first scientific study of this nature and magnitude, verify the seamless complementarity between music and clinical practice, and confirm the effective operation of partnerships forged between the public sector, private philanthropy and the third sector, provides a springboard for the implementation of this project in our country.. We can affirm that the true added value of the MIR Project is based on the success of these three pillars, and less on the specific numbers produced by the studies. Moreover, in recent years abundant scientific literature has been published supporting the positive effects of music in different clinical cases —including the latest World Health Organization and European Commission guidelines on art and health—. Therefore, the MIR Project is a tested and legitimate mechanism for focusing research efforts on implementation.     

It is crucial to encourage networking between the health and culture sectors to achieve a common goal: to promote culture as a complementary tool in pursuit of the health and well-being of people. At Cultura en Vena we strive to articulate and define a real social and health need that will encourage institutions to create the necessary legislative frameworks to ensure that artistic practices are integrated into healthcare protocols as a justified, stable and lasting reality.

Culture genuinely benefits health.